About Michael Lustbader Photography

Michael Lustbader has spent over 30 years documenting the natural world in photographs. Over these years, his images have been published by National Geographic Publications, Audubon, Sierra Club, Eastman Kodak, Oxford Scientific Films, and literally hundreds of other book, calendar, and paper product companies, world-wide.

His stock photography is represented by Photo Researchers in New York City and The Image Finders in Cleveland, Ohio.

Michael is a member of the BioCommunications Association, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, the American Physician's Art Association, and a charter member of the North American Nature Photography Association.

A Cibachrome/Ilfochrome printer for over 25 years, he is currently exploring the world of digital imaging and printing, with formal training at Rochester Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and workshops with Bill Atkinson, Charlie Cramer and others.

Michael has co-authored "Close-up Photography--Capturing Nature's Intimate Landscapes" and "How to Photograph Close-ups in Nature". His latest publication "Butterfly Dreams" (in electronic format) combines his photography with traditional Japanese haiku, presenting original translations by William J. Higginson.